Badlapur movie Review – Revenge is the name of the game


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By Madhukar KR

Badlapur is a dark & compelling account of a revenge drama well crafted by the ace bollywood director Sriram Raghavan who has given us similar hits like Ek Haseena Thi & Johnny Gaddar.

The film packs quite a punch with its strong story line filled with intense emotions with a tight screenplay. The film keeps you hooked on to the screen to witness how the revenge saga unfolds itself. This film is not the typical song & dance bollywood flick but a film which has a bound storyline of a revenge drama which is entertaining in itself though its not a family entertainer. The film has oodles of steamy scenes & exposure from the female leads of the film making it an adult entertainer. Every character in the film has shades of grey & leaves it to the audience as to who is fair to whom in the end.

What works ?

The stellar performances of the ensemble cast & their characterization etched by Sriram Raghavan works positively for the film. Its a very good sign to see Varun Dhawan, a young actor of the new generation has judiciously lapped on to this script which shows his maturity as a performer. The film belongs to Nawazuddin Sidduiqi as much as to Varun. He demonstrates immense talent yet again as Laayak in Badlapur. The detailing of the characters is very well designed & executed by Sriram Raghavan. Among the heroines Huma Qureshi has better scope to perform compared to Yami & Radhika. Divya Dutta also chips in with a small role in the film.

What does not work ?

As quoted earlier, the film belongs to a particular genre of a revenge drama thriller which is not an entertainer for the entire family to be watched. Also if you are are easily put off by brutality, blood & gore this is not the film for you to watch. It depends on the tastes of the audience to accept this film similar to Sriram’s earlier flick ‘Ek Haseena Thi’ which is now a cult classic.


The music works well for the film with haunting melody numbers such as Judaai & Jeena. The background score of the film adds the required flavour to the mood of the film.


The film starts with a robbery incident where Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Layak) & Vinay Pathak (Harman) are trying to escape with the loot money by carjacking the car of Yami Gautham & her Daughter. In a freak incident her son trips off the car front door & dies on the road. When Yami Gautham freaks out & insists Nawazuddin to stop the car, in the heat of the moment he fires the gun & kills Yami Gautham.

The scene shifts to Varun Dhawan (Raghav) who works for an advertising company as an ad film maker. Varun’s only aim in life now becomes that of hatred towards the killers of his wife & child. Revenge is the only aim for Varun who has lost the soul reason of his existence.


Nawaz is put behind bars for next 20 years for getting involved in the murder but Nawaz never reveals the involvement of Vinay Pathak who conveniently escaped from the scene of crime. Nawaz plans to get settled in Bangkok once he is released from Jail after collecting his share of the loot from Vinay Pathak.

Varun tries to extract the information about Nawaz’s partner from his muse Huma Qureshi who is a sex worker to no avail.

Varun isolates himself from the rest of the world by living alone in a city called ‘Badlapur’ & works in a factory as a worker. After 15 years, Varun now finds out through Divya Dutta who is an  NGO activist that Nawaz is suffering from Stomach cancer & in order to trace out his partner agrees to sign a request letter to free Nawaz from jail so that he can lead the last few months of his life out of jail.

****Spoliers Alert*****

Varun(Raghav) traces out Vinay Pathak (Harman)’s wife Radhika Apte & befriends her at first. However his true intentions are revealed once he encounters Vinay Pathak. He brutally kills both of them avenging his wife & child’s death.

Varun later realizes through Nawaz that it was Nawaz who had killed his wife & child in the heat of the moment. But he expresses surprise over the fact that Varun nurtured his hatred & seeked revenge over it & killed the innocent couple (Vinay & Radhika). Nawaz in an act of nobleness takes the blame of the murders commited by Varun on himself thus ending the revenge streak of Varun.




Directed by Sriram Raghavan
Produced by Dinesh Vijan
Sunil Lulla
Written by Sriram Raghavan
Arijit Biswas
Music by Sachin-Jigar
Cinematography Anil Mehta
Edited by Pooja Ladha Surti
Maddock Films
Distributed by Eros International
Release dates
  • 20 February 2015
Running time
135 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi


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