Drishyam Hindi Movie Review – Ajay Devgn & Tabu shine in the cult storyline

Reviewed by Madhukar KR

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The storyline of Drishyam is a cult classic now. The original version acted by Mohanlal has been remade into four other languages starring top actors like V. Ravichandran, Kamalhaasan, Venkatesh in Kannada, tamil, telugu. Its now Ajay Devgn’s turn in Hindi. There are controversies that the writer of the original film Jeethu Joseph was inspired by Devotion of Suspect X, a Japanese novel. Nevertheless the re-imagined version of the original novel is still a commendable job done by Jeetu Joseph.

Ajay Devgn has tried to keep it slightly more subtle and not over the top when it comes to the lighter moments in the film with the family. He has delivered it with controlled emotions compared to Mohan Lal, Ravichandran and Kamal Haasan who have given superlative performance in the south version of the films. 

The introduction scene of Tabu seems out of context from the premise of the film and seems to have been introduced just to establish that Tabu is a rugged and a tough cop. This intro scene was not in the original films in the south.

Barring the intro scene, the acting of Tabu is quite commendable and on par with the south counterpart Asha Sharath. However the script is the real hero of the film which keeps the audience on its seat edge. The antogonist  police inspector has underplayed his character who had great premise to shine in this role. Special mention to Achyuth Kumar from the Kannada Drishya who played this role to its full potential.  

Shriya Saran is least convincing as a mother of two among the other actresses who played the wife’s role. Tanushree Dutta’s sister who plays the troubled daughter’s role has done justice to the character.

The climax portion of the film where the truth is unveiled is more clear in the Hindi version through the voice over of Tabu. 

The story revolves around an illiterate 4 th pass stingy cable operator who lives with his 2 daughters and a wife. the family faces trouble due to the intervention of a boy (son of a police official) who stalks Ajay’s daughter. The daughter and wife are forced to kill the boy to avoid harassment from the boy. How does the family get out of this mess and how Ajay protects the honour of this family forms the rest of the story which is the real crux of the film.


The film is a must watch for the movie buffs and the film has potential to convert non movie buffs into movie buffs. Despite the fact that the film is not a whodunnit, still it manages to thrill the audience with its gripping screenplay and script. This film is a classic example of what a well thought powerful script can do to a film.

Character chart of Drishyam and its remakes

Malayalam (2013)
Kannada (2014)
Telugu (2014)
Hindi (2015)
Tamil (2015)
V. Ravichandran
(Rajendra Ponnappa)
Daggubati Venkatesh
Ajay Devgn
(Vijay Salgaonkar)
Kamal Haasan
(Suyambu Lingam)
Navya Nair
Shriya Saran
Ansiba Hassan
(Anju George)
Swaroopini Narayan
Kruthika Jayakumar
Ishita Dutta Niveda Thomas
Esther Anil
(Anu George)
Esther Anil
Mrinal Jadhav Esther Anil
Kalabhavan Shajon
Achyuth Kumar
(Surya Prakash)
Ravi Kale
Kamlesh Sawant
Kalabhavan Mani
Asha Sarath
(Geetha Prabhakar)
Asha Sarath
(Roopa Chandrashekhar)
(Geetha Prabhakar)
(Meera Deshmukh)
Asha Sarath
(Geetha Prabhakar)
Rajat Kapoor Anant Mahadevan

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