Fan – Dark and realistic, SRK shows the realism of his stardom filled life through a fan

Reviewed by Madhukar KR (SRK fan)
Planet Movies Rating – 4 / 5
Fan is a 2016 Indian thriller film directed by Maneesh Sharma and featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. The film is produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films, and tells the story of an obsessive fan of a star who looks just like the fan. The soundtrack album and original score are composed by Vishal–Shekhar and Andrea Guerra respectively. The film was released on 15 April 2016.

Fan is a film which SRK should have been made/part of right after the stupendous success of Chak De India. The film truly makes me feel proud that I am his fan. For starters there are no songs in the film. It’s an out and out thriller of a film which you will relish for the rest of your life if you are an SRK fan or not. Director Manish Sharma deserves all the accolades for giving us a hard hitting, dark and edgy film.

Fan ironically portrays the star himself who is struggling to maintain his stardom and his frequent brawls and controversies due to which a new breed of SRK haters have arisen. He mocks himself about the fact that he dances in shows hosted by big businessmen. His diminishing stardom in the wake of the rise of new younger talent is also shown realistically.

The film reminds us of some of the real incidents in SRK’s life like that of the incident where he slapped some other celebrity, his tussle/Cold War between another co-actor in the industry, his detention in airport in US.

The film is seen through the eyes of a diehard fan with whom you will instantly connect with if you have ever liked SRK in his earlier films. The first intro scenes itself reminds us of some of the earlier work of SRK like Deewana, Baazigar Darr and DDLJ which are some of the best SRK flicks of the yesteryears.

The fan (Gaurav Chandna) played brilliantly by SRK himself is on a tryst to meet the real SRK Aryan Khanna (played again realistically by SRK) but the trip goes haywire due to Gourav’s encounters with the cops due to some of the misdeeds done by Gourav in a spur of the moment to meet his idol.

The fan then is heartbroken when the real SRK (Aryan Khanna) himself visits him in jail announcing that it was he who had him arrested and that he does not care about Gaurav even to spend 5 minutes of his life.

The outrages Gaurav the fan who now turns into an anti-fan and seeks revenge to make Aryan realize that ‘Main hu toh to hain…’ Forms the rest of the story.

It must have been more difficult for SRK to play himself this time as it had to be brutally honest to an extent that sometimes he is mocking himself as a superstar and his life.
SRK playing himself in Billu movie was just a tip of the iceberg and this time it goes beyond the boiling point.

The film does get a bit slow in the 2nd half only to pick up pace in the pre-climax which is one of the best among his recent films. The chase sequences are a tad bit too long but are shot in a classier way which reminds you of some of Daniel Crieg’s James Bond movies. The background score sees to be inspired from other Hollywood flicks but does leave an impact to set the right mood of the film.

The 146 minute affair has no songs/item songs and no cliche SRK romances which is the biggest high point and a relief for a movie lover who like to watch serious cinema at its best. The actress playing Gouri Khan suits well and it’s a good thing that there are no known female faces in the film. It’s double SRK all the way in the film.

It doesn’t get better than this for an ardent SRK fan like me. The SRK haters can go take a walk in the park this time as they have nothing to make fun of this time in this SRK flick.

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