Hate story 3 movie review – Indulge in sinful Bollywood eroticism and vendetta

Reviewed by Madhukar KR (krmadhukar@nehamdiahouse.in)

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Hate story franchise is an epitome of pure Bollywood sinful eroticism, bling and vendetta in its core plot.
Hate Story 3 is an 2015 Indian erotic thriller film directed by Vishal Pandya. Produced by T-Series, it stars Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah in lead roles, and Priyanshu Chatterjee in a pivotal role. Written by Vikram Bhatt and Madhuri Banerji, the film is a sequel to Pandya’s 2014 thriller Hate Story 2. The film released on 4 December 2015.


Hate story 3 is a tale of a couple Aditya Diwan/Sharman Joshi and Siya/Zarine Khan who are big industrialists. They have a dark past where Zarine was supposed to marry Sharman’s elder brother Vikram Diwan but he dies in an air crash. Post the death of the elder brother, Sharman helms the reins of the business and also marries Zarine. 

Enter Karan Singh Grover/Sourav Singhania who gifts these couple with an expensive Audi car and throws  in a proposition to sleep with Sharman Joshi’s wife Siya/Zarine. Sharman is infuriated and leaves in a huff only to be harassed by Sourav in his business ventures. Enter Daisy Shah who is the close business associate of Sharman Joshi. She is made to take blame of all the business issues that happen and is entrusted to secretly stalk Karan Singh Grover to foil his plans. In the midst of this Karan and Daisy develop romance and Daisy sleeps over with Karan on many occasions. Their plans boomerang when Karan produces crucial evidences such that it leads to Sharman Joshi land in jail.

Karan now throws back his original proposition to sleep with Sharman’s wife to get him out of jail. This time Zarine is left with no choice but to seduce and sleep with him. During the course of this sexual encounter Zarine discovers something shocking about Karan and it is revealed that Karan is none other than Sharman’s elder brother Vikram who died supposedly in an air crash.

Is Karan really Vikram and what is the real motive of Karan and does Sharman have a dark side to him after all forms the rest of the plot of Hate story 3.


Sharman Joshi and Zarine Khan’s inclusion in this franchise certainly adds more muscle to it which was earlier the playground for new comers. Vikram Bhat has written an interesting story which stands for Eroticism and revenge drama but the core plot of sibling rivalry has striking resemblance to Abbas mastan’s Race. So there is an inherent lack of originality in the script. 

Sharman Joshi and Karan Singh Grover’s performance is good but in few scenes its seems over the top and overplayed aggression. The two heroines Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah are the objects of desire from the viewers perspective. They bring it all alive on the screen with their skin show and glamour quotient. Zarine khan looks classy in the retro remixed melodious number ‘tumhe apna banane ki kasam’. This song is the highlight of the film. 

Daisy shah has oodles of erotic quotient in some of the steamy scenes and songs and carries it away with ease but she still needs to lose some more kilos to do justice on screen. Zarine khan steals the show with all the steamy and raunchy scenes and songs. She has lost oodles of weight and has great recall value from her last hit number with Salman khan in character dheela song. It’s a coincidence that both the girls are ex heroines of Salman Khan. Daisy was the leading lady in Salman’s Jai ho which was a box office dud.


Watch it guilt free for its sexual premise and revenge drama with some typical Bollywood twists in the plot. Indulge in the affair without expecting an intellectual or a message oriented film and you will not be disappointed.

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