Sunny Leone Poses For A Shoot In spite Of KNEE INJURY

People speak a lot about Sunny Leone but we choose to ignore that and look at this pic which shows Sunny Leone in an erotic pose.
Said to be a promo for a brand Besharam, Sunny’s pics are out online recently, and they show her giving full justice to the topic.
But yeh kya? We see a bruise in her knee. The promo went on in spite of her injury and Sunny got a lot of footage out of this. People are praising her dedication and Sunny is laughing her way to the bank.

Jokes apart the actress certainly needs a word of praise especially after rumours of her raunchy past being circulated online. Sunny has a lot of spunk and the pics in this shoot are proof of this.
Sunny sure knows to how to get into public eye hai na? Sunny Leone completes a photoshoot despite being injured – view pic!
Sunny Leone Shoots A hot photoshoot in spite of Injury
Knee hurt still Sunny shoots on

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