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Haider Movie Review



Planet Movies Rating:  4 / 5 Stars

Better late than never, its high time planet movies review this movie Haider which is going to go down as one of the classic Bollywood films in 2014. Its IMDB rating of 9 / 10 as on 7th Oct 2014 says it all.

Haider is an adaptation of Shakespere’s Hamlet play which is the world’s most adapted screenplays in the world. Hamlet in itself is a complex piece of work by Sharesphere & kudos to Vishal Bharadwaj for adapting it into a bollywood movie. Haider is by far the best performance by Shahid Kapoor in his career.

Vishal Bharadwaj sets the premise of Haider in Kashmir where all of the shooting of Haider has been shot. The sufferings of the Kashmiris where people disappear due to militant problems in Kashmir has been potrayed in the film which is quite controversial in itself.

Haider (Shahid Kapoor synonymous to Hamlet) is in search of his father who has disappeared in Kashmir post his arrest for helping in treating a militant in his house. Haider has just returned from his education to Kashmir & finds his house is completely destroyed & after his father disappeared, his mother Ghazala (enacted brilliantly by Tabu) is having an affair with his uncle (Haider’s father’s brother Khurram, played by Kay Kay menon who has performed amazingly/synonymous to Claudius in Hamlet). Haider then discovers from Irrfan Khan’s character who was his father’s jail-mate that his uncle Khurram deliberately plotted the arrest of his father in the greed of marrying his brother’s wife. Haider has a girlfriend (Shraddha Kapoor) who supports him morally through his grief & sorrow phase of life.

This sets the undertone for Haider the movie which is quite intriguing, dark & grim. The movie boasts of amazing storytelling by Basharat Peer & direction by Vishal Bhardwaj & some brilliant cinematography by Pankaj Kumar where you can witness some of the breath taking scenes shot by him in Kashmir.

There are a few humor scenes enacted by Shahid & 2 comedians who mimic Salman Khan’s mannerisms. There are a few scenes with blood & gore which makes Haider un-watchable for kids.

Haider is proof that good story telling & interesting plot lines always gets its due critical acclaim in the glamour dominated Bollywood as well. Haider based on Hamlet completes the trilogy of Vishal Bharadwaj’s Shakespere series of his earlier tragic movies Maqbool (based on Macbeth) & Omkara (based on Othello).

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