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Movie: Jurassic World

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Reviewed by Madhukar KR

Jurassic World is a 2015 American science fiction adventure film directed by Colin Trevorrow. It is the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park film series.
Wong is the only actor from any of the previous films to appear in Jurassic World. In the film, a fully functional dinosaur theme park located on Isla Nublar (the location of the first Jurassic Park film) is plunged into chaos as a genetically modified dinosaur named Indominus rex breaks loose and wreaks havoc.

The film starts with the intro of two young brothers whose aunt is the operations manager of the dinosaur theme park. The brothers set out to visit the park where one of the genetically modified dinosaur escapes and wrecks havoc.

Jurassic World relies heavily on the brand value of Jurassic Park and does deliver the thrills and popcorn entertainment for a weekend movie but honestly it is nowhere a match for the inventiveness and interesting plot line of the first instalment.

The film of course has the traits of the original film series to drive us back to the nostalgic 90’s where we have a theme park in which two innocent kids are caught in a situation with wild dinosaurs. People are being chased by wild dinosaurs and some get devoured by them which is typical of a film from Jurassic Park series. But film surely lacks the emotional depth which the first film had. As a co-incidence I watched this film in the same theatre (Urvashi, Bangalore) where I have seen all the other 3 instalments of Jurassic Park.

Technically the film is brilliant with breathtaking 3d graphics work and sceneries of the forest. The film is a visual treat and is worth watching on a big screen. The new generation who have not watched the earlier instalments in a big screen are bound to enjoy their affair with the dinosaurs on the big screen.

The film stars Bollywood star Irrfan Khan who has become a regular in big budget Hollywood films off late. this time he entertains with a meaty role in the film.


However the grandeur of this film series is such that it deserved a more inventive plot line.

You will not lose your money’s worth by watching this film in a 3d theatre. How I wish that Steven Spielberg could don the role of the director holding the megaphone instead of being just the executive producer for this film.

Directed by Colin Trevorrow
Produced by
Frank Marshall
Patrick Crowley
Screenplay by
Rick Jaffa
Amanda Silver
Derek Connolly
Colin Trevorrow
Story by
Rick Jaffa
Amanda Silver
Based on Characters created
by Michael Crichton
Chris Pratt
Bryce Dallas Howard
Vincent D’Onofrio
Ty Simpkins
Nick Robinson
Omar Sy
B. D. Wong
Irrfan Khan
Music by Michael Giacchino
Cinematography John Schwartzman
Edited by Kevin Stitt
Amblin Entertainment
Legendary Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
June 10, 2015 (Belgium premiere[1])
June 12, 2015 (United States)
Running time
124 minutes[2][3]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $150 million[4][5]

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