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Reviewed by Madhukar KR

Planet Movies Rating: 4/5 4stars

The Martian movie is based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel ‘The Martian’ which was adapted into a screenplay by Drew Goddard.

The film stars Matt Damon who plays an astronaut Mark Watney who is on a mission to Mars who is accidentally left behind by his crew.  In the 2030s, the crew of Ares III, a manned mission to Mars, has established a temporary artificial habitat, called the Hab, on Mars, where they are to stay for thirty-one Martian days, or sols, and depart back to Earth in their orbital probe. Six sols into the Mars mission, however, the crew is forced to abandon the planet to escape a massive Martian storm rather than risk their launch vehicle collapsing. While evacuating, astronaut Mark Watney is lost and presumed dead as his biomonitor is damaged. With the lives of her crew at stake, mission commander Melissa Lewis is forced to leave the planet rather than risk the launch vehicle collapsing, leaving Watney behind.

The film deals with the struggle of Matt Damon for survival in the hostile environment of the Mars planet. All he has is the leftover crew equipment and a few potatoes with ketchup and a laptop of her crew member Jessica Chastian (Melissa) which only contains the disco songs from the 80s and 90s. 

Matt Damon being a botanist himself creates a farm of potatoes within the space cabin by creating water by burning hydrogen and oxygen. He survives on eating potato wedges with ketchup. At times due to explosion his potato farm gets destroyed and he has to struggle for his survival and the ketchup too gets over. He establishes communication with NASA using pathfinder and initiates his return to his crew and eventually back to planet earth.

The space subject and the survival story of an astronomer is a very successful formula in Hollywood which has clicked to a great extent in the past. Take the recent Gravity and Interstellar for example. The Martian might not be as spectacular as the interstellar nor the canvas or the storyline as brilliant as the Gravity but still the Martian will leave you spellbound and will leave your mind lingering about man’s instinct for survival. The 3D in the movie is not so spectacular and can be enjoyed in 2D as well.

The verdict

The Martian is highly recommended for the commendable direction of Riddley Scott and thoughtful acting of Matt Damon and Jessica Chastian. 

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