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Release Date: 22-08-2014

Planet Movies Rating: ****/5

A very intense, powerful & hard-hitting film after a long time in Bollywood brilliantly enacted by Rani Mukerji. Powerfully rendered by Pradeep Sarkar with cinematic brilliance.

YRF’s take on a relevant topic from current affairs like human/child trafficking is laudable. The editing is fast paced & the short; rather not too long duration length of 120 minutes of the film really acts as a plus point. The film is crisp & does not beat around the bush to make its point to the audience. The camera work is brilliantly done.

There are light humor scenes here & there which add to the fun. You are bound to get goosebumps when you hear & see the only song/anthem of the film during the climax. The background score does not disappoint either.

Overall its a very good offering from YRF overlooking that fact that the movie core plot bares a resembles that of the hollywood movie ‘Taken’. Having said that, there are several other films which have similar storylines but haven’t been able to render them as effectively as Pradeep Sarkar has done in Mardaani !

If you are looking to watch a movie this weekend then it has to be Mardaani.

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