Aatagara Kannada Movie Review – Gripping suspense Thriller

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Reviewed by Madhukar KR

Aatagara is a 2015 Kannada suspense genre film produced by Dwarakish Chitra who have always strived to provide entertaining and different movies in Sandalwood such as Aapthamitra, Vishnuvardhana and so on in recent times.

The director KM Chaitanya has given us memorable hits like Aa Dinagalu. Aatagara does manage to live up to his legacy through some gripping screenplay, taut script and direction. The film is high in its production values. Camera work by Satya Hegde is a feast for your eyes. The film shows the beach landscape and nature of coastal Karnataka very nicely. The film features 2 songs both of which are hits especially the Tarammayya song which pays tribute to Kannada matinee idols Dr Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Shankarnag. We wish they showed their photos or scenes from their movies in bits while the song was playing during the course of the film.

The BGM and music s well done by Anoop Silin which holds the proceedings of a suspense thriller. The cameo appearences by senior actors like Anant Nag and Dwarakish is like an icing on the cake for this film.

The subject of the film is not totally new to the audiences. The plot has some resemblences to the Paresh Rawal starrer Table no 21. Its just that in this film there are 10 people who are trapped in an island somewhere in a resort in Karwar into a Big Boss like game show by a TV channel whose motives are unknown. All hell breaks loose when the game show participants start dieing one by one. The participants doubt each other which adds to the chaos. Who is behind all these killings and why forms the rest of the story. Some points deducted for the lack of originality of the story line.

The film is a thrilling edge of the seat in the first half but the screenplay slightly looses its grip in the second half since the truth is revealed a bit too early into the film. Nevertheless the film its totality is visually and interestingly appealing to the audience.

Chiranjeevi Sarja though is not the central character in the film, still gets some hero footage such as a hero intro fight scene and a love interest in the form of Meghana Raj. Meghana Raj is looking gorgeous like never before in this film. Parul Yadav is the cherry on top with some glamorous skin show in the film though there are no romantic numbers for either of them which would have anyway slowed down the pace of a suspense thriller movie. Pavana (gombegala Love fame) and yesteryear actress Anu Prabhakar also have significant roles in the film.

The film has a touch of humour through Sadhu Kokila who has a shorter character length as he dies too soon in the film. Achyuth Kumar and Prakash Belavadi have done a great job as ever.  Dwarakish and RJ Nethra have played their parts well as TV channel crew. Ravishankar again plays a significant role of a police officer who investigates these killings.


Kannada film Industry is going through a fresh wave of interesting films like Uppi 2 and Rangitaranga and now Aatagara joins this list though it has its own flaws. The film is a must watch for Kannada film buffs.

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