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Movie: Endendigu

Reviewed by Madhukar KR (krmadhukar@nehamediahouse.in)

Release date: 1 May 2015

Planet Movies Rating: 4stars (4 out of 5 stars)
Endendigu is one of better choices of film genre which Sandalwood has chosen to make off late. The theme of a romantic thriller certainly makes it an edge of the seat spine chiller.
The film is a ripoff of Hollywood flicks like Premonition and Only you. There was a film made in bollywood as well called Ru Ba Ru starring Randeep Hooda and Shahana Goswami which had a similar plot. However it makes an interesting watch due to the complexities involved in this theme. It’s just that the theme has been indianised using the divine intervention as a factor for the incidents that take place during the course of the film. Also the climax has been altered to suit Indian audiences.

The screenplay by Jayatirtha who had earlier given us another edge of the seat psychological thriller Tony has again come up on top yet again.
Direction by Imran Sardaria and cinematography are top notch. Overall making of the film is a class apart.
Coming to the performances the lead pair Ajai Rao and Radhika Pandit steal the show with mature and natural acting. The roles played by them gives a lot of scope for emoting on screen and both have made full use of the opportunity. The lead pair look gorgeous on screen in tight closeups especially in couple of melodious romantic numbers from the film. Most of the film screen time is shot in exotic locales in Sweden while is a feast for the eyes.
The film starts and ends with a narrative style by the lead pair. The couple in love are about to get married amidst all family relatives. It is revealed that the girl had a strange encounter with divine forces concluding that the girl is blessed with goddess Durga.
The hero Krishna is advised by the priest to have his nuptials only after he lands in Sweden. Krishna is a software professional who is about to travel to Sweden on official work.
After the nuptials are done, next day when Ajai is about to leave the house for Stockholm in car.. Bad omens are experienced such as glass breaking and so on which makes Jyoti anxious.
Few minutes after Krishna leaves, two police men come by her house and inform Jyoti that Krishna died in a car accident. Jyoti who is unconsolable leaves for the hospital where she sees Krishna’s dead body. After returning home she only wakes up to see Krishna besides him yawning in the bed. What happens next forms a rivetting edge of the seat thriller.
Ninnalle and iduvaregu songs from the movie are easily one of the most melodious songs of the year which is also very romantically shot. Radhika looks like a million dollar princess in both the songs.

Though the film is inspired from Hollywood flicks Endendigu is a must watch for all film buffs.



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