Kendasampige Kannada Movie review – Roller coaster road trip thrills

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Moview Reviewed by Madhukar KR (

Sandalwood director Suri has given us some memorable films like Duniya, Jackie and Kaddipudi in the past. He has experimented with several genres and has been successful in giving entertaining films to the Kannada audience. This time Suri has given us a road trip thriller movie with an all new cast and crew except the ace Cameraman Satya Hegde. 

The film has some brilliant camerawork by Satya Hegde which is the highlight of the film. Suri has shot some scenic locales of the rocks and mountains in Chitradurga. The lead actors Vicky and Manvitha Harish being their first film have done a neat job.

The film has a very interesting premise split into 2 parts Kaage bangaara Part 1 and then the Ginimari Case  Part 2 which is the film is all about. Both the parts have a connected plot with each other. The film revolves around a young teenage couple in love where the girl belongs to an ultra rich family and the boy is an ordinary gym helper. In a weird incident the boy is accused of a drug case and while taking him to jail, is found to have shot a police officer in a police van and is now on the run. 

The boy is accompanied by his girl who are now on the run escaping from the police eye. The young innocent couple travel to multiple cities in Karnataka like Tumkur, Dabaspete, Hiriyuru, Chitradurga, Davanagere and finally Belgavi followed by Mumbai while trying to escape from the police. The Kaage Bangaara plot reveals that a team of police siphoned off 40 crores of money in a drug dealing case in an encounter with the drug mafia. They hide the money and show only 10 crores as recovered money to the government. A mistrust and double crossing is done by a couple of police men in the team who plan to kill the other police to gain a greater share of the ransom. These police men want to kill the young couple for an unknown reason while an honest cop played brilliantly by Rajesh wants to save these innocent couple who has to first untangle the twisted motives of the police department. 

I cannot point out a specific negative in this film as it is honest to the core for the genre it represents and there is nothing which is wayward or unnecessarily added.

The rest of the story is best witnessed on the silver screen. The film works in many ways being a raw, realistic road trip mystery thriller. The twist ending based climax in the film is a major highlight to the proceedings of the road trip movie. An awesome camera work, direction, background music and melodious soulful tracks by V. Harikrishna is a treat for the film buffs.

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