Siliconn City Kannada Movie Review – Srinagar Kitty & Suraj

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Planet Movies Rating – 3.0/5

Siliconn City is a 2017 Kannada action film directed by Murali Gurappa, in his first direction. The film features Srinagar Kitty, Suraj Gowda, Kavya Shetty and Ekta Rathod in the lead roles.[3] The film is a remake of Tamil film Metro (2016).

The film deals with the subject of chain snatching which is rampant in the metro cities these days. The film introduces you to the underbelly of the criminal world of chain snatchers & tells a compelling story about how an innocent boy (Suraj Gowda) from a decent family gets lured into this crime due to the greed and desires of a middle class boy whose parents/family cannot afford to buy the boy fancy stuff like iphones & superbikes. The college going kid also has a girlfriend (Ekta Rathod) who expects him to upgrade himself with new gadgets & to spend money on her for fancy outings.

The rest of the film is about how the boy & his family are affected due to his involvement into this heinous crime.

Srinagar Kitty plays the elder brother to the main antagonist Suraj who unravels the mystery of the troubles which his family is going through.

Chikkanna also plays a significant character as a friend of Srinagar Kitty who lends the much needed friendly support to him in tough times.

The heroines do not have much of a significant role to write about but play their parts well.

Srinagar Kitty shines in emotional scenes here as a mature actor with power packed performance. We wish Kitty keeps doing good films more often. He was not in action into movies since past 2.5 years & that is a long gap for an actor of his popularity.

Suraj Gowda is the surprise package in this film who sheds his chocolate boy image into a grim shady antogonist character as a chain snatcher. Suraj seems to be improving with each film in his acting capability & he promises to be a future super star in sandalwood films with his baritone voice which adds to the gruesomeness of the negative character which he has played in Siliconn City. Suraj needs to up his act with maturity in emotional scenes such as the one with his mother in this film.

Senior actor Ashok has played the father with finesse & adds more weightage to this project which needed performing actors. The new comer who plays Mani/the leader of the chain snatchers in the film has packed a powerful performance and so does Suraj’s friend who introduces him to the world of chain snatching.

The film has certain violent scenes due to the inherent nature of the subject & is not recommended to be watched with children. The screenplay of the film is bang on & the direction by Murali Gurappa is quite good for a debut film despite being the fact that this is a remake film.

Final verdict:

Though the film is a remake, the nature & premise of the subject is relevant for today’s youth & society in general & is a must watch for today’s youth who are easily lured to take shortcuts in their career & choose the wrong path to make quick bucks in order to buy and showoff fancy gadgets and swanky lifestyles. Kudos to the original maker Ananth Krishnan from Tamil film industry who made Metro & this is a good kannada adaptation attempt by the kannada film makers.


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