U Turn kannada movie review – Pawan Kumar spawns a mystery thriller to perfection

Reviewed by Madhukar KR(krmadhukar@nehamediahouse.in)

Planet Movies Rating – 4/5

U Turn is a 2016 Indian Kannada horror film with elements of suspense, written, produced and directed by Pawan Kumar. It stars Shraddha Srinath in the lead role. Roger Narayan, Dilip Rajand Radhika Chetan feature in supporting roles. The plot revolves around the death of motorists who break a traffic rule at a particular flyover in Bangalore and subsequent pinning down of the culprit by an intern journalist-police inspector duo.

The writer director Pawan Kumar yet again strikes the right chords with a horror mixed mystery thriller this time after the stupendous success and acclaim of his previous outing Lucia.

The story is narrated in a linear fashion but the screenplay is so gripping that the audience will not realize how time flew upto the interval. Pawan kumar takes inspirations and cues from Hitchcock movies to send the signals towards a character (Dileep Raj in this case) to portray him as the culprit while the actual culprit is somebody who is less obvious. This really baffles the audience and somehow it reminds me of the recent tamil horror flick ‘Pisaasu’ which had a similar climax.

There will be some comparisons made with Aamir Khan starrer Talaash as well as the horror element is revealed very late towards the climax in the film.

Despite all these U Turn is a heady mix of all the above to produce a unique product simply because of the premise of the storyline which revolves around motorists taking illegal U Turn over the Richmond circle/double Road flyover in Bangalore. Hence it is really must be a story inspired by true incidents.

The new faces except Radhika Chetan and Dilip Raj does help in bringing that fresh and mysterious element of surprises which makes it difficult to guess about the culprit. The new faces Shraddha Srinath and Roger Narayan have a bright future in films. They have proved their mettle with their debut film. It’s a fitting whodunit film which the Kannada film industry deserved. I am glad that such good films are being made in kannada.

If you miss watching U Turn I bet you will regret it later as it’s an experience to watch it on a big screen. So go ahead and take that legal U Turn only to watch the movie.

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