Kabali movie review – Rajni enthralls his fans with his signature style

Reviewed by – Madhukar KR (krmadhukar@nehamediahouse.in)

Planet Movies Rating – 3.5 /5 

Ever since it was announced that the superstar Rajni starrer Kabali will release on the July 22nd 2016, there has been a huge hype and hysteria created around the release of this film. Sometimes huge Expectations due to a superstar’s presence on a film can spread negative views on a good decent film. There is also a baggage on the superstar’s earlier films which a new film is expected to surpass.

If you keep aside all the above factors then you will find Kabali as a good attempt by a newcomer director like Pa Ranjith to entertain the audience. Do not expect a Rajni extravaganza filled with his punch dialogues in this outing which is not a usual Rajni masala commercial flick. It has no item songs, no songs in which Rajni is dancing like a young guy with a girl of his daughter age. After a long time Rajni plays an apt role well suited for his age. The pairing with Radhika Apte looks believable. In flashback scenes it’s ashtonoshing how Rajni transforms into a 30 years less than his actual age.

Though the film’s theme has shades of God father and Scarface, the plot point being focussed on is unique where the reformed yesteryear Malaysian don who returns from jail after 25 long yrs is now in search for the whereabouts of his family and to protect them from his starc enemies. There are glimpses of brilliance in some of the scenes for e.g. In a. Scene here Rajni enters his old house and hallucinates seeing  his wife in it, The famous punch dialogue ‘Kabali da’ sequence, the scene where Kabali runs his car over a goon, the climax portions, the scenes of Kabali reuniting with his family, him being in search of his wife in Pondicherry are all brilliantly shot. The background music is top notch so is the camera work.

What Kabali movie lacks is the strong presence of a villian. Kishore from Kannada industry is a saving grace but the Japanese actor tony woo could have done better justice to this role. The film might disappoint the mass film fanatics of Rajni clan who will definitely find a Sivaji or Endhiran much more entertaining than this realistic directors film Kabali.

 The film is honest to its subject line without deviating into unnecessary songs or fight sequences. You do not need to read a review before deciding to watch a Rajni film. Go enjoy the charismatic screen presence, signature style of this living legend of our times. Mazhilchi…

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