Maya Tamil movie review – An edge of the seat horror thriller

Planet Movies Rating – 4/5

Reviewed by Madhukar KR

Maya is an Indian horror film written and directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The film features Nayantara in the leading role, while Aari plays another pivotal role. Flim received positive reviews from critics as well as from audience. It was dubbed into telugu as Mayuri and got positive reviews.
Now this is what I call the mother of all Indian horror movies of all time in south cinema in the recent times. Tamil audience were already treated to some great horror films in the form of Pisasu and Kanchana 2 and Maya is cherry on top or an icing on the cake feast for film lovers. The film has the right mix of all the ingredients of an edge of the seat horror thriller. The background music of the film enhances the chill factor required for a horror film. The absence of song and dance, typical of a masala film heightens the tension in this classy horror flick giving no breather to the audience to get relaxed except the interval break.

I believe this Nayanthara’s best performance in recent times where she emotes well as a struggling actress trying to meet ends in the absence of her estranged husband who she feels is not trustworthy. The film is narrated in a unique film within a film style which is bound to boggle the minds of the viewers. There are two different tracks shown in the film where the first one showing the story of Maya Mathews is in mono chrome and the aspiring actress Nayanthara’s portion in color.

Maya Mathews is a married woman who was admitted to a mental asylum for killing her unfaithful husband by poisoning his drink. Cut to the scenes showing the struggle of Nayanthara where she is bankrupt and is expecting some acting fee from a producer who unfortunately dies while watching a horror movie alone in theatre in a contest to win a sum of 5 lakh rupees. On learning About his death Maya ventures out to participate in the same contest to earn the ransom.

What’s the connection between Maya Mathews and Apsara(Nayanthara) and what happens when Nayathara watches the horror film alone is best watched on a silver screen with some pop corn to add to the fun.


This is one horror film which you do not want to miss and beware it’s not for the weak hearted or for the kids. Do not cut your nails before watching this film as you will need them to bite them of during the riveting climax when the truth is unveiled which will leave your minds numb. Maya is the pick of the weekend movie for you.

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