Baahubali Story Revealed

Baahubali Story Revealed

There used to be a king called Amarendra Baahubali who ruled the kingdom of Mahishmathi… He is # Prabhas and hiswife is # Anushka…People used to live happily under hiskingdom, until when the cruel minister (may be nazzer) joins hands with # Rana ( an evil king of the other kingdom) , he attacks Baahubali’s kingdom and kills the king and captures the kingdom .The kingdom now belongs to ‪#‎Rana‬ who officially established a huge statue of him within the kingdom., All the people of the kingdom have now becomethe slaves of RANA….They also try to kill the son of the
king but baby Baahubali is protected by his mother (Anushka) who carries the baby and travels across the sea..The evil army captures anushka and make her a
prisoner but they cannot find the baby baahubali as the baby is left in the island…..The baby baahubali is taken care by villagers of the island and name him as Shivudu. Baby grows to become Prabhas. The island where he grow is a beautiful village .One day Avanthika ( Tamnnah) is the daughter of RANA who visits the island. Prabhas sees her and they both fall in love.. Avanthika returns back to her kingdom, prabhas tries to go to the kingdom to get avanthika, that’s when he is told about his past…..Prabhas decides to fight the evil army to help the people of his father’s kingdom and also to get avanthika.. He Uses his tribal army to attack the kingdom and take over it which is now ruled by Old Rana (Bhalladev)…. The rest of the story is how ‪#‎Prabhas‬ faced the evil army and took over his kingdom..

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