Mary Kom – Biopic of the sportswoman

Release Date: 05-09-2014

Planet Movies Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Review Posted  by  K Rupakumar

Director: Omung Kumar
Writers: Saiwyn Qadras (story), Ramendra Vasishth (dialogue),
Stars: Priyanka Chopra, Zachary Coffin, Darshan Kumar


The film Mary Kom goes on to show the real life story of this sports star, which not many are aware of. The film serves as an eye opener not just on the fact that India can produce international ‘gold medal winning’ boxers, but also that Manipur is very much a part of India! On the whole, MARY KOM is definitely worth a watch.

Inpsite of his father being against her for taking up boxing because she may spoil her face, but Mary Kom goes against her father’s wishes and takes up boxing. At one point he tells her to choose between him and boxing and Mary Kom chooses boxing.

The movie is inspired by real life story of women boxer mary kom who has won three times world champion ship in boxing.
Priyanka manages to suit the skin of her character and justifies just why someone would make sacrifices to excel. Here is another woman oriented film which could join the bandwagon of successful films like Kahaani, Fashion & so on.

With GOOD makeup, the actress resembles the real life boxer in many scenes. Priyanka has made lot of efforts to fit into the role of real Mary Kom and succeeds to a greater extent.

The film opens up with great attention to detail in its setting — from a simple village of Manipur to Mary’s school and boxing hall where she trains. Even though Priyanka dominates every scene in the film, her coach (Sunil Thapa), and husband — enacted by debutant actor Darshan Kumar — makes their presence felt with their honest performances .

The story goes like this —

Here is a girl from a small village from Manipur, who always keeps picking fights with boys.  Her secret is anger, and that brings her to Narjit Singh (Sunil Thapa), a popular coach in the vicinity.
Angry meets super-angry and together they set out on a journey to conquer the world. Now, it’s not possible without the help of a supportive family, so she meets Onler (Darshan Kumar), a good-hearted football player. Mary Kom (Priyanka Chopra) wins three World Championships and then decides to get married.
But, what will happen to her boxing career? Will she ever be able to return to the ring? Will a family life absorb her completely?
here is a husband who constantly promises that he will keep the family worries to himself, but calls Mary just before her important matches.
Most of Mary’s bouts are displayed with the same strategy; she seems to lose in the beginning but eventually wins. Such things might have happened in reality,

Finally we can come to a conclusion that it is really a good attempt made by the director to depict the real story of a woman with all her determination to succeed in her life.  For sports she sacrifices so many things to excel in her field.

The movie is worth seeing once and will definitely inspire thousands of sport persons that it takes grit, will power & hard work to
to achieve success.

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