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Shankar’s I movie review

Planet Movies Rating: **** / 5

I – as quoted by Shankar that as per tamil literature stands for beauty. Shankar has picked up a beauty and beast concept based romantic cum revenge drama subject this time.

Shankar being one of the best story tellers in business in Indian Cinema knows his audience expectations well & has delivered it yet again after the grand success of Endhiran/Robot. He paints a spectacularly colorful canvas on the screen much to the joy of his audience.

The amount of huge money spent really shows up on the silver screen offering best value of entertainment to the paying movie fans.
It’s clearly evident that this effort is by far Vikram’s one of the best in his lifetime. Hats off to Vikram for his dedication towards looking and playing the part doing full justice to the complex transformations required in I.

The art of story telling and the clever screenplay has been played out cleverly by Shankar. The film adapts a non linear screenplay with recurring flashbacks and present day scenes thus making a 3 hour long endeavour an enjoyable affair. However the editing could have been bit more crisper in the first half especially the China episode.
Every technical department has excelled at its best. Be it the awesome cinematography of P.C Sreeram especially at the scenic China location or the mesmerising epic music and background score by A.R Rahman. This is as good as it gets for a movie lover.
Every character in the film is very well established & none of them seem forced into the film.
There are about 5 villian characters each of them being effective & have played their roles quite well.

Amy Jackson has a meaty role well rendered in I and she stands as an epitome of beauty staying true to the title. As a result there is oodles of glamour & exposure giving commercial value to the film. She looks like a picture perfect dream doll in several scenes.

A special mention is about the special effects in all the songs of the film especially where a bike, mobile phone, TV and a fish transform into Amy with her attire resembling that of the original object.

The action in the film is also top notch where there are several such scenes notably of that in a gym, in China on rooftops using cycles & on the train. The length of these action scenes also could have been a bit more tightly edited.

Santanam as a friend of Vikram has done a good job but some of scenes towards the climax where he makes fun of the villians tend to make the film loose it’s seriousness of a revenge drama.

Spoilers Ahead!
You might want to stop reading here if you have not seen I yet.
The story theme has some similarities with the 1986 Jeff Goldblum Hollywood film the Fly where the hero transforms himself accidentally into a disfigured man.

The story starts with a terribly deformed hunchback abducting Diya (Jackson) on her marriage day. She is held captive in an abandoned mansion, while the hunchback goes about exacting revenge. The hunchback sets Ravi, a bodybuilder, on fire but then saves him.

In a flashback, Ravi is jealous of Lingesan (Vikram), a competitor for the Mr. Tamil Nadu title, who moves on to become a model. Diya, an A-list model, cajols Lingesan to take up a big modelling assignment to be filmed inChina. He does several TV modelling assignments and his modelling career grows, during which he offends an advertising guru (Ganesan) and also the attention of transgender makeup artist, Osma (Rajani). Lingesan’s career gives him opportunity to get close to Diya who uses Lingesan to get rid of romantic advances of John ( Patel). John and the other antagonists plot for Lingesan’s downfall which ends up in transforming Lingesan from a smart looking man to a hunchback by injecting the influenza virus into him.

The hunchback who is none other than Vikram exacts revenge from his opponents one by one who are responsible for his medical state.

The core theme of love and romance in the film I comes to the forefront when Diya/Amy decides to live with the disfigured hunchback and helps him get back to shape in their dreamland which they had imagined they would get settled in when they grow older.

Overall I is entertaining in every bit & Shankar has given a treat to his audience on the eve of Pongal in 2015.

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