Uttama Villian Tamil Movie Review


Movie: Uttama Villian (Tamil) Movie Review

Release Date: 5th May 2015

Planet Movies Rating: 535px-3.5_stars.svg (3.5 out of 5)

Uttama villain is a fitting tribute from Kamal Haasan to his veteran iconic directors K. Balachander and K. Vishwanath to whom he owes his career who gave him blockbusters like Ek Duje Ke Liye, Apoorva Raagangal, Swatimutyam, Saagara sangamam & so on.

It’s destiny that the trio got together to act in this classic tale of 2 stories in a single film. The acting provess of the legend Kamal Haasan comes to the fore front in both the story lines of the film. The film boasts of an ensemble cast of veterans as above and apart from them it has Nasser, Jayaram and 3 lead actresses apart from Urvashi who plays Kamal’s wife.

The film is tied together well by Kannada and Tamil senior actor Ramesh Aravind who has directed this film. The film starts with the introduction of Manoranjan(Kamalhaasan) who plays sort of himself on the screen. A veteran actor who has zillion fans across the country. His family is introduced when the film starts with the premiere show screening of his movie. Urvashi plays his wife who has a grown up teenage son. His son kind of detests Kamal as being an old aged actor now. The song loveaa brings cheer to Kamal’s fans as He dances to the hummable tune like a young hero with Pooja Kumar. It is revealed that Kamal has an affair with his family doctor played by Andrea Jeremiah. Also in another revelation it is shown that Kamal has a daughter played by Parvathi Menon from his first love Yamini whom he could not marry and had to marry Urvashi instead due to family pressure.

The film highlights the contrast between life and death. Kamal comes to know of his terminal disease brain tumour and that he will only live for a few months. As his last wish he wants to work with his guru, icon who made his career Mr Maargadarshi played by K. Balachander. At first he refuses to work with Kamal due to the lack of a good story. But when he hears bout the sad news about Kamal’s health he wilfully agrees to work on a folk tale based comedy film called Uttama Villain.

Thus begins a parallel track to the main storyline of the film. Honestly the characterisation of Kamal (Uttaman) in the folk tale version is exemplary where it is shown that he defies death in several comic situations and is virtually immortal in the film. Whereas in the actual storyline the veteran actor Kamal is nearing death due to his terminal illness. This is where the film highlights the stark contrast between the fantasy land of film representing reel life and the real life where the veteran actor is nearing his death.

However it is the later half of the folk tale featuring Nasser and Pooja Kumar which seems quite dragged and slow paced. The folk tale too comes across shortcomings and does not keep the audience engaged except the melodious tunes that feature in this version of the story. This part could have been slickly edited to keep the film shorter.

However the main story line scenes are in majority and are a treat to watch Kamal perform himself on the screen. Audiences will be moved to tears as the tragedy unfolds towards the second half of the film.

The scene between Kamal and K. Balachander when the former convinces him for making a movie with him is going down the golden books of cinema forever and is a treat to watch.The father son scene and the father daughter scenes are very well composed and enacted and cheers to the team for giving a marvel to the audiences.


Uttama villain is a classic tale yet again proving the versitality of the legend Kamal Haasan. The movie might not be high on wholesome entertainment value for today’s youth population but is a treat to watch for Kamal’s fans and passionate film buffs.

Directed by Ramesh Aravind
Produced by N. Lingusamy
Kamal Haasan
S. Chandrahasan
N. Subash Chandrabose
Written by Kamal Haasan
Starring Kamal Haasan
K. Viswanath
K. Balachander
Andrea Jeremiah
Pooja Kumar
Parvathi Menon
Parvathy Nair
Music by M. Ghibran
Cinematography Shamdat
Edited by Vijay Shankar
Distributed by Eros International
Lotus Five Star (Malaysia)
Release dates
  • 2 May 2015


Running time
173 minutes[4]
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget 40 crore (US$6.3 million)
Box office 50 crore (US$7.9 million) (ten-day collection)[5]

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